Show Off Your Wife on Webcam Does it turn you on to show of your wife? Do you get hard knowing other men are getting off to her? If so you should consider telling your wife you want to show her off on webcam. Not only will she get to interact with men other than you but she can see what it’...
728 members
Black Cock and LOVERs of them
Group for Big Black Cocks and all the LOVERS of them..        
459 members
Hotwives looking for one Bull to continuously fill there pussy up
Starting this group for Hotwives who are looking for one male to have some continuous on going fun with a hung bull. I personally am looking for a Hotwife for on going fun. So I would prefer to have this group for strictly Hotwives and even the female of a cuckold relationship.
456 members
USA hotwives BULLS & cuckolds
group for all the Hotwives BULLS & cuckolds of the GREAT USA
394 members
cuckolding hotwife captions
want your picture captioned? or just post captioned cuckolding / hotwife pictures or even links to great cuckolding hotwives captions sites  
342 members
chastity group
There is no better control of a male then controlling his needs to cum and the best way for this is have him in "Male chastity"    
257 members
Dominant BULLs & seekers of them
A group for Dominant BULLs who wish to OWN a hotwife/ cuckold couple and vice versa hotwives couples seeking a Dominant BULL. Bull vs. Dom So many feel a Dom is synonymous with a bull but there are very important distinctions. A Dom is a bull who has grown beyond only a  sexual role an...
251 members
Canadian hotwives BULLS & cuckolds
The land of the GREAT NORTH were we live free.. come join us
212 members
sissy cuckolds group
sissy cuckold group chat, discuss and share information about the sissy side of cuckolding  
188 members
Group solely for the hotwives to chat discuss and have a giggle or 2
173 members
Looking For Bull For My Wife
Looking for an experienced bull or dom to fuck my wife
170 members
UK Hotwives BULLS & cuckolds
UK Hotwife Cuckold group. feel free to post    
152 members
kik Snapchat & skype contact group
group for members to post their kik Snapchat & skype contact details.. only post your contact details here on on your profile please refrain from posting contact details on the shout box or main feed wall (you will be suspended)    
124 members
California Couples and Bulls
Creating a group of friendly people in the California area who are seeking each other.  This group is meant for Bulls and Couples.  Just trying to make it easier :)  
119 members
European Hotwives BULLS & cuckolds
For all the super sexy European Hotwives BULLS & cuckolds.. please feel free to make your own separate group for your country or whatever you desire Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus (the Greek part) Denmark Germany Estonia Finland France Greece United Kingdom http://cuckolding.club/...
107 members
Sissy Cuckolds, Why Every HotWife Should Have One
This is group for discussion of the role and life of sissy cuckolds The journey and life of a sissy cuckold is not for the faint of heart. Here is a great place to share, discuss and explore this journey. All are welcome, cucks, sissy cucks, hotwives, and bulls of course since they in the end val...
101 members
Calgary Hotwives, Bulls and Cuckolds
A local group for those of us that would like to meet up in the AWESOME city of Calgary, Alberta   talk or play :)
99 members
Florida Cucks, Couples, Hotwife, and Bulls
A place for us to get to know one another. Fun is a must
95 members
Jamaican Bull For you
Jamaican Hotwife and Bull Group. For couples visiting Jamaica. Bulls from Jamaica visiting other countries and couples or hotwives who would like to meet up.
89 members
Looking for doms or bulls
82 members

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