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MandJ VIP Gold
MandJ Oct 10
we have been seeing this a lot on the interweb lately that cuckolding is racist??

white couples using black males just for their own pleasure??

we have many many friends of ALL colors and each of them get their own sexual fulfillment from the lifestyle AND even more pleasure form new friends they make along the way.

 As for is is"cuckolding racist" we can see where that comes from and we put our money on it, that it comes from people outside the lifestyle and not bothered to do there research on the subject..

black - white - pink - yellow - rainbow colors, we really do not give a toss and RESPECT them all and EXPECT the RESPECT back


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coffee2sugars VIP Gold
coffee2sugars Oct 10
From a personal perspective I don't exactly see it as racist but I do think that almost all media surrounding the cuckolding lifestyle seems to promote the reacial apsect of the lifestyle more than the anything else.

My idea of the perfect cuckolding scenario would not be dictacted by the colour of the wifes chosen lover or his race. Whats important is to me that 1. She is having a good time. 2 the chosen bull is respectfull in his behavior and his following of our own personal rules and 3 that he is discreet.

When I first started researching this the most common thing that seemed popped up was the term BBC.

Thats not a problem at all but it is 90% of what you will see in all related serches and media on the cuckolding subject including Porn and events related to this lifestle.

In a strange way if your not sure about yourself it can leave you feeling like your doing something wrong if your hot wife is not all about the BBC.

We say forget colour and forget race, When you meet the right person just go with it unless of course you really are only interested in BBC.
Blacktiger VIP Gold
Blacktiger Oct 14
If could borrow a phrase from the late, and some would say great, Luther Ingram, I would say "I cuckolding you was wrong, I don't want to be right."

Notacuckold VIP Gold
Notacuckold Nov 10
Look it, look it. "Once you go black..."


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