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MandJ VIP Gold
MandJ Sep 24
is anyone having problems using the internal mail system on here either via a desktop or mobile device?

Lagnum45 VIP Gold
Lagnum45 Oct 9
Yes we are having issues. We can only receive mail, or send a general mail to all friends. We can't use the tab to private message and now we can't read any old mail 
MandJ VIP Gold
MandJ Oct 10
Hi Lagnum45 we know about your problem but sadly no one else is reporting any mail issues to us?

our web guy, who is extremely under a lot of pressure @ present has you on his to-do list

but we need to know if other members are having difficulties using the internal mail system? 

coffee2sugars VIP Gold
coffee2sugars Oct 10
Just testing the PM side of things and it seems to be working ok for me. Infact you should have a PM MandJ
scott25660 VIP Gold
scott25660 Nov 26
I have spoken to you before on this problem and highlighted it. I still can't receive or send PMs, it is very frustrating. My Chat and Video Chat also refuse to be connected. This is a great site and I am sure you are all doing your best.


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