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hotbull4wife Sep 19

What will turn you on as her husband?

  • Your wife has a lover
  • Your cock size compered to your wife's lover cock size
  • Your wife's lover has more cum
  • Your wife's lover cum dripping from her pussy!  *(credit nhcouple)
  • Your wife's lover is fucking her much harder
  • Your wife's lover lasts longer until her first multi climax
  • Your wife's lover makes her cum with a smile on her face
  • Your wife's lover makes her squirt... What has never happened with you!
  • Your wife's gives her lover permeation to ass fuck her but every time she said no to you!
  • Your wife kiss her lover - an intimate act that many couples/wife's say no to
  • Your wife sucking her lover's cock sliding out of her pussy.
  • Your wife receives two men DP together and you get only to watch
  • Your wife gets naked and open the door for her lover while you can watch them fuck
  • Your wife gets her lover to fuck her and you stay next to her bed awaiting instructions
  • Your wife is naked on bed and you bring her several men into the room one by one.
  • Your hot wife and her lover go to the bedroom while you stay to watch TV.
  • You will join them later to clean up.
  • Your wife is a happy hot wife.

In short, What turns you on? What is your fantasy?

Our borders are tested each time and stretched all the time, what we have done today is no longer sexually arousing tomorrow, and we will constantly need new excitement and diversity!

or is it just me?

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nhcouple VIP Gold
nhcouple Sep 22
His cum dripping from her pussy!
hotbull4wife VIP Gold
hotbull4wife Sep 23
Nice Quote!

I need to add it to the main post + credit

triop VIP Gold
triop Oct 4
Gotta be his cum dripping from her pussy!
Joys4u VIP Gold
Joys4u Yesterday, 03:59
  • "Your wife is naked on bed and you bring her several men into the room one by one."
  • But not necessarily "one by one"
stacydrum VIP Gold
stacydrum Yesterday, 09:24
Lots of things.  Mainly seeing my wife having pleasure.  Love watching her climax with another man.  I am a freak and I like to see cream pies and have sex with her right after, over seeding.  The whole experience is great.  I do not get penis envy.  Her lover is quite large and can go for longer periods of time.  I Just love the whole thing


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