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cpl4play5 May 12

When I realized my interest in being cuckolded by my wife it was many years ago back in the 90s. I was working a ton of hours as a cop while my gorgeous wife Linda was managing a gym. It was a high end gym that catered to a wealthier clientele of both sexes but mostly men. And the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off Linda.

What I began realizing that she was going out to bars after work or working late at night allot more regularly and being the cop I noticed things. Add to that the fact that I was having difficulties keeping an erection and even viagra was failing me. And I’m not a hung guy either. I knew Linda was bored with me sexually and it was showing. I saw stains on her panties and only knew too well what they were. Linda casually went on doing what she was doing while I kept a discrete eye on her.

What I began realizing about this was that the thoughts of her fucking other guys was constantly in my head and was actually a turn on. My imagination in this regard was on over drive and on the one hand was freaking me out but on the other got me to beating off with a solid hardon the likes of which I wasn’t able to bring to Linda in bed. It was very frustrating.

I began researching the cuckold subject online and saw a cuckold room in the old AOL chats back then. In the cuckolding room I began making friends and one was a black man about 8 yrs older than me who was a bull very into white couples. Knowing I was a cop made him very interested in my plight and he was a huge source of advice for me on the cuckold subject back then. He loved the pictures I showed him of Linda and hearing about her activities he agreed with me that she was most definitely playing around.  He took great delight in guiding me down my cuckold path.

He coached me in how to be sure Linda was fucking around. This was a surefire way of finding out if done right. So I waited until that night I was sure she was with another guy and didn’t have to wait long for that. Linda came home late saying she stayed late at the gym doing paper work while smelling of booz. She said she had a few drinks while doing her work in her office as she undressed by our bed. I remember how excited she made me throwing her clothes into the hamper as I ogled her ass wishing only to worship her. We had begun role playing a month before and I was most assuredly her “pussy boy” when we did. I was quite expert at giving her orgasms with my tongue. And ass worship was something she added to our sex.

She climbed into the bed next to me wearing just a bra and panties smiling and I could sense the sex. As she settled in I commented on how hot she looked and she smirked saying “Thank you pussy boy”. She was giving me a little tease but I moved quickly between her legs catching her off guard. I told her I was dreaming of licking her pussy before she came home. Linda tensed up and stammered she was tired but I moved right in and pulled her panty aside and began licking her pussy. I totally caught her off guard and” Linda was tense beyond belief but I pretended I didn’t notice and delved my tongue in knowing she had fucked another guy at that point. Tasting his cum sealed the deal but again I pretended I didn’t notice and worshiped her pussy like normal telling her how much I loved her sweet pussy.

Linda began relaxing noticably when she realized I wasn’t sensing the guy inside her and got right into it as she mussed my hair and began purring like a kitten. Her demeansor changed instantly and she began urging me to enjoy her pussy. I looked up at her and she was smirking back at me calling me a “pussy bitch”. She began telling me to tongue her pussy deep. She was actually enjoying the thought of me tonguing her cum infused pussy knowing I wasn’t aware and lustilly urged me to tongue her deep. My little cock was dripping at this knowing she was going to have a good laugh at my expense with this guy. I could almost hear her making that call to him the next day. “You’re not going to believe what happened last night………”

It was the first time I tasted another man’s cum and it made me wild. She noticed too. My tongue was deep and thorough swirling in her cunt like a tongue possessed. After I was done she kissed me with passion and affection thanking me and telling me what a good boy I was. A term she knew I enjoyed hearing. And she slept nicely after I gave her 5 orgasms.

The next day I couldn’t wait to report to my AOL bull what had transpired and he loved it. He was so very inquisitive too asking how I liked the taste of cum etc. He enjoyed his seeming success in coaching me into the cuckold fetish with my wife saying he knew I’d be a good cuck boy and wishing he was closer. He said I was ready and should think about asking Linda for this for real. And I agreed.

This was one of the hardest things I ever did. Even with our role play and knowing she was fucking around asking her for cuckoldry was going to alter our relationship permenently. It’s a huge move. My AOL buddy said I should do it while worshiping her pussy and I thought that was a good move. That’s how I did it.

Karen had just orgasmed from a good tongue session and was coming down from that rubbing my head and calling me a “good boy” yet again. I looked up at her and said “You really do deserve a man who can fuck you.”

She chuckled mussing my hair saying I was crazy. I delved my tongue back into her pussy and went for it.

“I’m serious. I know you like my tongue but honestly. If you ever need to fuck another guy I’d be good with that.”

She looked at me with a serious look. Linda was studying my face. I sat up next to her and began kissing her breasts. She stopped me to talk asking if I was serious. That’s when I told her everything about my cuckold wish. Especially how devoted I’d be to her and only her while she could enjoy her sexual freedom knowing she needed that. How I would gladly stay loyal to her in this.

 Lind had a look of utter shock and elation mixed together. I was offering her cake and telling her to enjoy it. The irony she must have felt. I suspected she was enjoying fucking around behind my back and now I was letting her know that her fucking around would excite me. She must have felt like she just won the lottery.

Linda wasn’t shocked. Our role play had given her an inkling that I was kinky for cuckoldry. But role playing it and seeking it for real are vastly different and we both knew it. She actually began grinning and teasing me about it. That was a good sign. It didn’t discust her or anger her in any way. That wasn’t surprising since she was so good at being the cuckoldress in role play. She admitted it was a turn on and said she would consider it if I was serious. I was very serious. If anything. I wanted this more after tasting her lover inside her pussy weeks before.

 Linda was really grinning. And very turned on by our conversation. She then demanded I lick her again as a result. But demanded with more agression than usual and I loved that. And while I noticed her attitude changed as she became more dom in her actions and her verbal. And it didn’t change while she pondered my cuckold wish. She even enjoyed my submission more. She became even more teasing and I didn’t think that possible. How she delighted in teasing me about my little cock saying she craved a real man. How gleeful she was when that made me cum.

Several weeks later she came to a decision. I suspected she made that decision the night I asked her for this but I digress. She came up to me in the living room where I was sitting wearing only panties and smiling down at me. Linda was a woman who understood power and looking up at her pussy was letting me know she had it.

“I decided to cuckold you but I get to choose the guys. And if I do this you need to be ok with black men. I really want to try them out.”

I accepted her condition and I think she was a little surprised I accepted so easily.

“I know we roleplayed with you watching me have sex with another guy but starting out that kinda freaks me out. I’d like to get started just enjoying a guy alone and working up to letting you watch.”

I agreed to that as well. Then she pulled me into the bedroom to lick her pussy. It was so much better knowing she had the freedom of bedding any man she pleased. Her knowing grin as my tongue did it’s job was just so intoxicating. Hearing her say how much she looked forward to fucking another man was incredible. She even told me to stroke my “little cock” while I did. God this was hot. She had several orgasms from my tongue and then watched me stroke off grinning.

We cuddled after and talked. She was very happy to do this and understood my needs as well. She needed another man and admitted my girth did leave much to desire. That she fondled me saying this was powerful. She then said she was more than happy to do this for me. She loved the power she felt in the role play but this was so much more intense. She would tell me everything about the men who flirted with her as well. Linda looked forward to making me her cuck.

Our arrangement was set. She was free to be with other men as if she were single. This was an arrangement that excited her greatly. But I swear it excited me more as a cuck. I did ask that she could be honest and tell me when she had sex with another man and that I would understand if she began having feelings for another man. She said she of course would tell me about these things but promised she wouldn’t let those feelings fester. She would cut it off at that point.

 The dinner conversations we began having became very interesting. She would tell me about men who would flirt and attempt to seduce her. Many men tried. As her cuck I was relegated to more of a girlfriend role with my wife and that was funny. But it did make us closer as a couple. We created a larger trust between us in this.

Over the following months she divulged details between her and the black men she was bedding. I found out some interesting things. She admitted to having fucked some men behind my back. There were four to be precise. Two white men and two black men. One of the white men was the owner of the gym who enjoyed a little friends with benefits arrangement with Linda. The other white man and the two black men were all members of the gym Linda managed. One was married and was the one who was more intensely involved with her. She later explained that a married man was more non threatening to her because he wouldn’t tempt her to divorce her husband. I can appreciate that.

As it turns out he was the more dom of the men she bedded. She told him about our arrangement and he loved it. He thought this could be fun especially knowing I was a cop. This was a fantasy come true for him. And he wasn’t bashful about it either.  He Became her 1stblack boyfriend. And I became his very 1stcuck. This was our 1stmeet. I was on my knees throughout their fun and my cuckold fate was set.
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PinkyPenis VIP Gold
PinkyPenis Jun 26
Great explanation of you becoming a cuckold. It would be nice if your wife wrote a response from her side on the same time frame.
HungSexyGuy VIP Gold
HungSexyGuy Jul 1
Why are cops so often cuckolds? I've fucked the wives of at least a dozen cops. 
MandJ VIP Gold
MandJ Jul 3
Not sure about the Cops being cuckolds but we know a lot of cops & firefighters that LOVE the BULL role and fucking a lot of married pussy.

Whatever works 

jonhtown VIP Gold
jonhtown Jul 5
The cop's wife I'm seeing seems to think he's ok with the cuck position.  We might go ahead and find out sooner rather than later. 
sissychuck VIP Gold
sissychuck Jul 7
what a great story.   it all worked out in the end, didn't it
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