sexyfloridian VIP Gold
sexyfloridian Jan 28 '16


STAGE 1 : when a hubby fantasizes about his wife & keeps it to fantasy only

STAGE 2 : when a hubby wants his wife to be an exhibitionist to other males (but only till that point)

STAGE 3 : when a hubby encourages his wife to flirt around with other males with his consent (but only casual flirting)

STAGE 4 : when a hubby is ok if other males gets a little physical with his wife (like kissing, etc)

STAGE 5 : when a hubby becomes a little submissive, acknowledges another male's overtures to his wife

STAGE 6 : when a hubby is emotionally ready to watch his wife being nude and in physical contact with another male

STAGE 7 : when the hubby, in his mind assumes a submissive role - acknowledging that the another male is dominating his wife

STAGE 8 : when the wife, now becomes queen - she decides how to treat her hubby and gets physical with another male

STAGE 9 : when another male takes control of the hubby's sweet wife and begins treating him in his way.
CarolCox VIP Gold
CarolCox Feb 1 '16
STAGE 10: when the hubby also takes care of the Bull, either by fluffing, assisting during, or cleaning him up at the end.

robbiewillsucku VIP Gold
robbiewillsucku Feb 5 '16
I am at Stage 10 

Ladies I can help you train your husband to be a sissy cd cocksucking cuckold

Sissystephanie VIP Gold
Sissystephanie Jul 29 '16
Stage 10 sounds like loads of fun!!! Sure wish I was there already!
DorsetHotwife VIP Gold
DorsetHotwife Oct 6 '16
Hotwifing and cuckolding are 2 seperate things.
sissychuck VIP Gold
sissychuck Oct 6 '16

Quote from DorsetHotwife Hotwifing and cuckolding are 2 seperate things.
how so?
Maturcuck60s VIP Gold
Maturcuck60s Jan 10
Not sure which stage if we done a mfm with me watching some of the time and involved other times
Wantowatcher VIP Gold
Wantowatcher Mar 7
1-3...mostly 1&2
Wantowatcher VIP Gold
Wantowatcher Mar 7
1-3...mostly 1&2
mavo VIP Gold
mavo Mar 7
i wish i could find someone that would take it to 4
triop VIP Gold
triop Oct 4
Stage 3/4.
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