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General Chit Chat
Just about anything goes...
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MandJ · Yesterday, 16:59
In IMPORTANT changes to the CC website
Couples New to Cuckolding
help and advice for couples new to the cuckolding lifestyle..
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hotbull4wife · 59 minutes ago
In A Cuckold Questionnaire (Cuckold Wannabes Please read) What turns you on?
Being the Best BULL
Most men think they are a BULL but in reality only probably only 5% really have a true understanding of the cuckolding lifestyle..
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nhcouple · Yesterday, 23:47
In A Meet With A Fet Couple
Hotwife cuckolding stories
please mark "real life adventures" or "fantasy" If you borrow from another site please be polite and acknowledge the author & add a link to the original post
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rdcrdrvr · Sep 21
In First time watching, a true story
Cuck's Corner
cucks this your forum...
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smallnsoft · Sep 11
In To Watch or Not to Watch?
male chastity forum
male chastity forum
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Cucktravis · Dec 8 '16
In chastity key holder / code holder service
Hotwive cuckolding parties
feel free to promote your hotwife / cuckolding events
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bowlerlb · Mar 8
In PureBullnCuckolding Intimate Masquerade Party. London UK February 27th
Hotwife cuckolding cartoons
there are a LOT of good cartoons out there that have Hotwife cuckolding themes to them.. free free to post them if you find any do try to post the artists name if possible
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MandJ · Mar 17 '16
In random hotwife cartoons
Links to Hotwife cuckolding websites - blogs - information
if you know of any good hotwife cuckolding websites blogs please feel free to share ONLY FOR HOTWIFE CUCKOLDING WEBSITES If you notice any spam accounts could you report them or email marieandjohn@cuckolding.club if you wish to have a banner or have a link on our main links pages ASAP us and we see what we can do. PLEASE NOTE! WE ARE NOT REASONABLE FOR THIRD PARTY WEBSITES AND HAVE NO CONTROL ON THERE CONTENT.
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WorcesterBull · May 14
In Activity and Locations
cuckolding articles / news on the www
forum thread for articles and links to cuckolding hotwifing on the www
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sissychuck · Nov 11 '16
In 52 Humiliating things & ideas to do to your Cuckold
How to work things on cuckolding.club and website UPDATES
having problems with how things work on cuckolding.club have a look here we may have an answer for you. alternatively you can message at funtimesinYYC@gmail.com
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MandJ · Sep 16
In chat system down for a few days
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