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 After Kristi (my wife) realized I was not mad or jealous of her fuck with last night’s guest I could see a huge relief come across her face. I told her I hoped she enjoyed it and would love to hear the details when we had a moment. She said he was good, not hung, but that she would tell me anything I wanted to know later in bed.  >>

She got this smile like a Cheshire cat and asked me if all this turned me on, she came in for a kiss and grabbed my cock…which was really really hard…she pulled back saying my hard on told the story. I told her the thoughts of her sucking his cock then him pounding his cock into her were all I could think about this morning and that yes I was very turned on by her fucking him.  >>

Later that morning when the guys all came out of their cabins he cornered me telling me he was sorry for his behavior and asked if I would forgive him. I told him not to worry, that I knew it was going to happen, but didn’t know with who or when, but seeing them last night I figured she would get a taste. I told him it turned me on to know she was so sexual and as long as she told me about her fun and to be discreet especially around the resort. I told him I hoped that he too would be discreet and not ruin a good thing. He assured me of his discretion. >>

My butterflies and churning stomach were with me all day imagining their fucking last night and all they did. Their little looks and smiles throughout the day fueled my fire making me as horny as I’ve ever been. Her flirtatious and nonchalant demeanor gave me a throbbing hard on and she knew it, she loved the effect it was having on me and played on it every chance she could. It was evident the guys were getting off on it as well….she was in control! >>

Being a Sunday everyone was getting ready to pack up and head back to the Twin Cities, the group had a few “Sunday“ red beers and hang over bloody mary’s getting that hair of the dog buzz.  Throughout the morning her fuck buddy and his best friend were busy chatting in a discreet way. I figured he was telling him what a good fuck my wife was last night as he would glance her way then make subtle passes every chance he could, yes I was watching for it. Ever the flirt and tease she knew it as well and started to ratchet up the flirting, loving the attention. >>

People were milling around loading the trucks packing their gear and shit, a few people leaving and others just hanging out. There were a few of us bull shitting on the deck and carrying on when it dawned on me Kristi was nowhere to be found and it appeared that the friend of her fuck buddy was missing as well. I played dumb to it all and after about 10 minutes he reappeared by one of the cabins then shortly after she came back from the same direction.  I had a good idea of what was happening.>>

She brazenly walked up to me and gave me a lingering kiss sliding her tongue into my mouth with a new salty taste on her lips. Well, I knew the taste of cum, as I had eaten my own from her a few times, my reaction was seen by her fuck buddy from the night before and his “friend” their looks were priceless…I’m sure wondering about what her kiss tasted like. Shortly after the kiss everyone said their goodbye’s with her new friends being the last to leave. We had one more bloody mary and chatted about the exciting weekend, with nothing being said about sex, but it was definitely in the air, she gave me a very passionate kiss in front of them thanking me for letting her “be herself” over the weekend. They chimed in on how great it was as well, she gave them each the same kind of deep and passionate kiss telling them she was already looking forward to them coming back next weekend. Their response to her kiss was a lot of ass grabbing and a quick feel as they searched my face for a response, saying they can’t wait either. I echoed her comment telling them we’ll be waiting. >>

After they left we finished up our chores and made sure the rest of the staff was able to finish up the day. We each had a case of the day after horny’s hell it had to show. We had our own rendezvous planed with a boat ride to end the day where I heard all the exciting details of her fuck and suck fun with our guests.>>

I reassured her that I was totally 100% in favor of her fucking others and to join in the fun when I could or to hear about her slutty ways afterwards. She asked me if I could taste the cum when she kissed me earlier in the day that he blew a big load and wanted me to know that it happened. I told her I did taste it and that her friends saw me react to it after the kiss. Well, what did you think when I slipped it in your mouth she asked me, I told her that I looked forward to much more. >>

We were both looking forward to this sexual journey.>>

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