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Rae was a cute, young wife, and I was her first guy after she got married. That was 22 years ago, and we still stay in touch.  Her husband Mike encouraged her (that’s putting it lightly!) to play. I played with them a couple of times in their home (in Philadelphia). Well, she got a job that had her traveling for business, and she would come to NJ for training and so forth. Mike had no problem with her seeing me alone, he just wanted us to video it for his enjoyment. She was not on birth control, and when I met her it was before her two kids were born, and mike had his vasectomy.


Well…. The video would stop or whatever, and I would jump out of bed to restart the camera, or adjust it.. She found that very frustrating, sometimes she would be on the edge of orgasm, and I’d jump up. So, this one time, she asked me not to tell Mike, and to leave the “Damn Video” camera at home.


So, we fucked for about 4 hours or so. At one point, I rolled off of her onto my back, and stripped off my rubber. She climbed on top of me, and started rubbing the tip of my cock on her clit (that drives me crazy), and then between her moist pussy lips, then back to her clit, then back between the lips, then just the head into the entrance of her vagina, then back out with a ‘pop’ sound…


“Watch out… that things’s loaded”, I said. Hell, it was slathered in cum… “It’s good for you that I have so much control”.


“Really? I want to see you lose control, he he he!”, and she continued to play…. It got to be too much for me, and on one of those teases with the opening of her cunt just kissing my cock head, I reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her down, HARD. She gave a deep, throaty laugh, and started riding me cowgirl style, mumbling something like “I won.”


We’d been fucking for well over an hour, but suddenly it was even hotter than before… she pressed down hard and started to moan as she was cumming, so I lifted my ass and thrust my cock as deep as I could into her, groaning… She thought I was cumming (I wasn’t), and started to freak… “No! NO! NOOOO!”, she screamed, and tried to pull away. That only made me grab her and pull her down harder on top of me… she screamed and pounded on my chest, and struggled to try to get away… THAT pushed me over the edge, and I fucked her hard from below and shot a HUGE load into her.  


I held her tight until my cock and balls stopped throbbing, my seed planted deep inside her… I relaxed and she rolled off, my cum gushing out of her slit. We talked. “OMG, what am I going to tell Mike?” She is a devout Catholic, an abortion would be out of the question. All I could say was, I warned her. Like I said, my dick was already coated with sperm, the orgasm inside of her was just icing on the cake.. She had taken the risk once she started teasing me. But, having already filled her with cum, we didn’t use rubbers for the rest of the afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed more bareback fucking for the rest of our tryst.


She missed her period. Rae was NEVER late. She had only been late twice since her mid-teens; once when pregnant with her son and once with her daughter. A week went by. Another week. Chatting with her on the computer, I could tell she was nervous. But, we both admitted, that it was the hottest sex we had ever had.. Together, or separately.  And then, just before she was going to tell Mike, she finally got her period… it was a remarkably heavy one, with nasty cramps, most likely a miscarriage.


Anyway, that’s exactly what happened. I’m conflicted… on one hand, I’m glad we didn’t have to explain “Uncle Fred” to her kids and family, on the other, it would have been nice… oddly enough, I don’t think Mike would have minded. She has ‘retired’ from Hotwifing, but as I said, we still stay in touch. No one ever leaves the lifestyle… they just put it on hold for a while.

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The Wall

BritSlut VIP Gold
Jun 1
Wow! Such a hot experience.
HungSexyGuy VIP Gold
Jun 1
We both agree, that was the hottest fuck either of us ever had.
sissychuck VIP Gold
Jul 24
that was indeed a hot experience. Are you saying you wouldn't want to be "uncle Fred" at family gatherings?
HungSexyGuy VIP Gold
Jul 24
Oh, I wouldn't mind... but she was terrified of the idea.
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By HungSexyGuy
Added Jun 1



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