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website FAQ

Q: What is ?

A: the cuckolding club is a place where open-minded people can make contacts. In simple terms we see ourselves as a hotwife cuckolding coummunity lifestyle contact website but as with all of these things it’s what you make it.



Q: What makes cuckolding club different from other hotwife Cuckolding websites?

A:  cuckolding club is run by very real cuckolding couple M&j and we run it for the Hotwives and cuckolding community  we found all the other hotwife cuckolding websites are run for money or either in a blog / forum format and we found it extremely hard to make real local connections with Hotwives Bulls or cuckolds


Q: Is there any guarantee that I’ll get laid?

A: NO!! and we cant believe any website would guarantee that???? we do however offer your the chance to connect with Hotwives Bulls or cuckolds


Q: Is this a pay site?


Q: How much does it cost for full membership?
A: 30 days = $10 usd - 180 days = $40 usd - 365 days = $65 usd click here for full membership benifits and costs


Q: Do I have to buy a membership?
A: NO. we have an extremely good free membership that does allow you to contact other members

Q: why do you charge?

1- To keep us from advertising annoying online adds.,
2- As a
company we too have families to feed and corporate expenses to keep the community running efficiently on a daily basis.
3- By charging a small nominal fee(s) our members are not harassed by gawkers like on free sites.
4- Assures the members on our site have a "real" interest in connecting.
5- No fake profile(s).
6- Helps keep minors out!!!
7- Most of all safety, by paying we are able to identify a member should a negative experience take place.
So for a small nominal fee per
month - 3 months or a year, you will have complete access to our community. 
Join Today and help your community grow and explore your wild side.


Q: Who gets to be a member?
A: Anyone who is twenty-one years or over who chooses to abide by the terms of use can be a member. (we reserve the right to REFUSE anyone membership)


Q: What are the terms of use? A: At the bottom of the page you will find the terms of use


Q: What can I post?A: You can post almost anything as long as you post in the appropriate place. must be LEGAL and you must own the rights to it. any illegal activity(s) will be reported to the necessary legal persons


Q: What if I’m having a problem?A: This site is a complex piece of software and there are glitches from time to time. If you encounter a problem could you email us at   If someone is harassing you please let us know! If you feel that something on the website is inappropriate please let us know!


Q: Will I be inundated with unwanted emails?
A: We try to keep our emailing to a minimum, and there is an option in your profile to opt out of regular emailing. We do reserve the right to email you with site update information, and information that we feel you may be interested in.


Q: If I try the site and I don’t like it can I leave?
A: you have the option to delete your own profile when ever you wish or simply ask and we will strike you from the membership list. please note this is irrecoverable and can not be undone. you do have the option to just turn off your profile and no one will contact you


Q: Is the membership list going to be passed on to other parties? NO!
We are independent of any other business and do not pass on membership information, or sell our membership list to anyone. Unlike many of the other swing sites we are not a means of generating names and email addresses for parent corporations. We value our privacy and in turn value yours.


Q: Are you affiliated with other businesses such as clubs?
A: While we are and have been members of clubs and other groups we leave the site open to all who want to use it and offer equal access to all businesses and groups who would like to post about their functions. While we see clubs and groups as an important part of the lifestyle we like to think of ourselves as fair and independent.


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